Cambridge BnB

Choose us to make your trip to Cambridge BNB luxurious and comfortable, as we provide you with practically all the
amenities you need.


Located in Cambridge in the historical district, just two blocks five minutes from Harvard Yard, our 1897 colonial revival house, designed by architect George Fogerty, is noted for its “simplicity of design and crispness of detail.” We have good writing desks and free WiFi.

Great deals at Cambridge Bed & Breakfast

Get breakfast in bed or book a bed to get the best breakfast at the best price and service. Click on the navigation to book a room and
get the best food to tingle your tastebuds!


Superior Double or Twin Room

Stay in one of our luxurious and spacious rooms to stay comfortably with all the in-room amenities, whether alone or with your family.

Food and drink

Taste some of the best and most unique tasting food and drinks prepared exclusively for you to satisfy your hunger and explore the various cuisines we offer.

Fitness & SPA

Work on your body by keeping it healthy and working out in our fitness centre, and then make it shine with our spa services.

Popular amenities

Free WiFi

You no longer need to use your mobile data because we provide free WiFi, which you can use whenever and wherever you want in our facility.

Parking included

Park your cars safely in our hotel for free and wander anywhere freely while you are on your vacation.

Breakfast available

Avoid the hassle of preparing breakfast for yourself by receiving a full menu with various breakfast options to fulfil your morning hunger.


We provide prompt housekeeping services that are always on the go to meet your needs whenever you need them.


Cambridge BNB truly made my vacation comfortable by providing the best services during my stay in Cambridge.

Pamela S. Lay

Cambridge B&B is a one-stop shop for all travellers visiting Cambridge. They have some of the best food menus and exceptional amenities that cater to everyone's needs.

Robert S. Quijano

The rates for the rooms here are very reasonable, and I must say that the service is professional and prompt.

Dorothy C. Mendez


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All You Need to Know About Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast, or “B&B,” is a type of offered lodging where the cost of the overnight stay incorporates brunch. They are often smaller than motels and managed by families. B&B owners sometimes reside within the same house as their visitors or close by, creating a comfortable environment.

B&Bs offer a cosy environment

Many are family-run businesses, therefore they frequently don’t or just sometimes really need help. As a customer, you may anticipate great customer service that isn’t exceptionally quick or efficient (since you’ll frequently find in resorts). In general, bed and breakfasts are more suitable for trying to slow down your morning than for accelerating it.

Many guests undertake every task on their own, while others delegate relatives or employees to complete some tasks. B&Bs can engage personnel to assist them, but having too many workers increases the chance that they will lose the distinctive personalized feel that sets them apart from standard hotel services.

cosy environment

A true hospitality

Due to the close relationship visitors enjoy with hosts, the term “hospitality” is frequently associated with bed and breakfasts. Hotels and resorts on the other hand, are better characterised as “business,” as visitors there engage with staff members instead of a local host and/or owners.

Using B&Bs for “staycations” is common. Guests may leave their normal and often engage in recreational activities (climbing, canoeing, etcetera.) without having to go far during weekend getaways. A lot of B&Bs are a short drive from city centres. Use our B&B Booking Guide to understand exactly how to discover your perfect bed and breakfast.

Bedrooms Hotels frequently provide leases with many rooms. Anticipate a B&B to have a minimum of two rooms, one of which is the norm. If your number of participants is six or more, you’ll probably ought to reserve more than one room. Finding a B&B that really can hold such a big number might be challenging.

When it comes to room layout, some accommodations only provide one choice, while some have several. Themed lodgings might name or adorn their rooms.  While Wi-Fi connection is a normal B&B amenity, in-room TVs are less frequent in B&Bs than in resorts.

Typical Locations

Several B&Bs

Several B&Bs were first constructed as family residences and later converted to accommodate visitors. Due of this, several homes only have one toilet and a small communal room. Throughout their vacation, B&B visitors may anticipate interacting with both their homeowner and other visitor parties.

Meals are frequently provided at large communal meals where everyone sits or at tiny, private tables wherein individuals in groups converse. A wonderful time to interact with your hosts, group, or even other guests is during meals. During their visitors’ stay, several hosts lay out a refreshment station with finger sandwiches, water, coffee, and/or other beverages for them to enjoy at their leisure.

The Different Types of Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

Although the fundamental design of a bed and breakfast (bedrooms, baths, and common spaces) is fairly conventional, B&B establishments can differ greatly in style and ambiance.

Boutique bed and breakfast

A “boutique” is a “little firm that provides highly specific products or services,” according to Merriam-Webster. In the case of B&Bs, this often implies the owner is the one providing visitors (such handmade breakfasts, high tea, et). Boutique B&Bs are frequently owned by families with little to no staff and few visitors at any predetermined hour.

As a consequence, there is often a relatively romantic setting where treatment may be modified or individualised for specific clients (as opposed to motels, which might have a more rushed and “professional” ambiance). Boutique B&B establishments might be luxurious or sparsely furnished.

Budget bed and breakfast

You conserve cash by staying at inexpensive B&Bs. Despite the fact that B&Bs are really not normally thought of as being affordable or “cheap lodging,” certain establishments have inexpensive daily prices, primarily since they provide less facilities, “lower” care, and frequently forgo “extra stuff”.  Budget B&Bs may furthermore provide a shorter, lesser expensive meal and/or provide choices for dorm beds.

Urban Bed and Breakfast

Urban B&Bs are found in large towns or urban areas. Hotels often put a lot of emphasis on quantity. B&Bs are frequently housed in houses or smaller commercial properties and tend to concentrate more on offering appropriate services. Because of this, it may be costly to manage a bed and breakfast establishment in a city centre, therefore many urban B&Bs are found on the outskirts or outskirts of a town.

Urban B&Bs may give a more comfortable setting than hotels and frequently serve as a beautiful home base for visitors who will be in a metropolis for more than a few evenings since they supply a variety of amenities that hotels provide. To encourage lengthier visits, urban B&Bs sporadically provide weekly and monthly prices.

Rural bed and breakfast

Rural bed and breakfast

In contrast, rural B&Bs are located outside of the town. These B&Bs, commonly known as “rural inns,” might be excellent choices for tourists looking to get in touch with their local culture or surroundings. Every quasi setting, such as a seashore, a woodland, or a desert, might be considered rural. Some remote B&Bs provide access to swimming sports and/or trekking paths.

It might be challenging to reach rural B&Bs without a personal cars. Several are only reachable via beaten-up seaside roadways or hidden in the hillside. In isolated areas with few tourists, a rural B&B might be the only place to stay.


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